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Online lead generation can be a risky business to the uninitiated: marketers speak the language of Web 2.0 and SEO, but our clients would rather talk ROI and Lifetime Value. This is why the most critical part of our business is not our technology—it is our people. Extract Value's staff and network of advisors consists of former or current business owners from alternative investments, insurance, global manufacturing, strategic consulting, and more—enabling a deep yet farsighted viewpoint that remains unmatched by traditional agencies. We combine this experience with our Centricity web platform, a vertically-integrated lead management system that scales rapid web development to ad placement and e-mail analytics to sales feedback. Our experience, diligent process, and technological edge enables our clients to capture, convince and capitalize on the leads we deliver. Contact us or visit our FAQ to discover how your company can Extract Value today.

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Extract Value takes the unique approach of sharing in the risks and rewards of our clients. To this end, we apply a three-step process in the pursuit of the perfect lead: Preparation, Execution, and Optimization. In our first phase of development, we prepare our clients' web marketing by developing their branding, websites, webinars, landing pages and other collateral that can efficiently capitalize on advertising campaigns and the influx of new leads. In the second phase, Execution, we launch search engine, e-mail, and affiliate marketing campaigns on ad networks that coincide with our clients' industries and target audiences. Finally, we optimize all marketing initiatives through practical applications of web analytics and sales feedback achieved via our Centricity technology. Contact us or visit our FAQ to discover how your company can Extract Value today.

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From contact cards to CRMs, the evolution of marketing from door-to-door to the catalog to the internet has warranted a revolution in the way technology is applied to the sales process. Now, Extract Value introduces the next step in the evolution of the perfect sale: "Centricity", a vertically-integrated web platform that consolidates web development (CMS), lead generation, list management (LMS), e-mail campaigns (EMS), contact management (CRM), and real-time analytics into a centralized and easy-to-use system. With a focus on usability and efficiency, we have built Centricity over a backbone of robust and scalable web technologies that advanced and novice users can all take advantage of. We supply each of our clients with access to Centricity. Contact us or visit our FAQ to discover how your company can Extract Value today.

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Deliver your message clearly. Confirm your credibility. Connect to your prospects emotionally. Good branding enables companies to motivate a buying decision before a salesperson gets on the phone. From logo design to press releases, Extract Value is one of few agencies capable of fusing aesthetic compulsions with real-world experience and efficient technological application. Our creative artists and marketing specialists have doubled as investment brokers, insurance agents, biz dev managers and strategic consultants. Our network of advisors have or currently preside over companies from small consultancies to public corporations. Through our vast resources—both personal and technological—Extract Value is able to build a memorable and clearly defined brand consistent with our advertisers' and affiliates' specific needs. Contact us or visit our FAQ to discover how your company can Extract Value today.

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Extract Value is an online lead generation and branding agency specialized in developing high net worth and sophisticated leads. With unparalleled expertise in alternative investments, insurance and other complex industries, we harness raw talent and honed experience to power a revolutionary performance-based marketing machine. Extract Value delivers a vertically-integrated package of solutions and technology in a three-step process that prepares, executes, and optimizes the effectiveness of our clients' marketing initiatives. From branding to e-mail campaigns and tech consulting to analytics, we tie our revenue directly to your company's bottom line by relying upon a commission from converting anonymous visitors into leads or sales. Thus, our advertisers can build their prospect base nearly risk-free; our publishers and affiliates maximize their ad revenue by leveraging our advertiser network and software solutions, and consumers gain unequaled insight into topics that matter to them the most. Contact us or visit our FAQ to discover how your company can Extract Value today.

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Extract Value stands at the forefront of performance marketers' targeting niche and untapped markets like commodity futures, hedge funds, life settlements, life insurance, and litigation. With real-world experience in every field we touch, our affiliates can count on an advertising network, branding, and lead generation campaigns that produce the most effective and relevant conversions. Moreover, Extract Value can also proactively develop our publishers' web assets through branding, software development, and offer our Centricity technology to grow and harness their lead generation potential. When publishers partner with Extract Value, they can leverage our network of guaranteed advertisers that pay premium CPS, CPA, CPC, and CPM rates for the specific leads they demand. Contact us or visit our FAQ to discover how your company can Extract Value today.

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Bachrach & Associates

Solutions: branding, lead generation, web design, SEO, application development, print design
Bachrach & Associates is the premier entertainment and ultra high net worth insurance agency in the world, catering to film, television, and business insurance in addition to developing insurance businesses such as life settlements. Recognizing a strong competitive advantage derived from over 25 years of success, Extract Value produced a branding campaign that highlighted founder Shel Bachrach's impressive portfolio and initiated a targeted lead generation campaign that drove high net worth seniors to Bachrach & Associates.

Vision Capital

Solutions: branding, lead generation, Flash presentations, webinars, web design, SEO, application development, print design
With an informative website and a due diligence program, Vision Capital was ahead of the curve compared to other Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs) in managed futures. Extract Value built upon these strengths by producing web and print collateral, presentations and a lead generation campaign that went far beyond any other company in their industry. Now, as a function of strong performance and strategic positioning, Vision Capital is poised to become a leader in its class.

Live Settlements

Solutions: lead generation, web design, application development, SEO, press releases
One of Extract Value's proprietary web brands, LiveSettlements.net is currently one of the most visited websites in the rapidly developing industry of life settlements, a secondary market for life insurance policies. Through rapid development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and integration with Extract Value's Centricity technology, LiveSettlements.net has become an effective and efficient lead generator within only a few months of existence.

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How is performance marketing different?

With traditional methods of advertising like CPM (cost-per-mile) or CPC (cost-per-click) campaigns—publishers and marketers have no real stake in helping advertisers achieve maximum performance. However, performance marketers champion the phrase, "We are an extended sales force for your business" since they receive a commission when leads are acquired (Cost per Acquisition, aka "CPA") or sales are made (Cost per Sale, aka "CPS"). The effect of CPA/CPS marketing is two-fold: on the one hand, incentives between advertisers, publishers, and marketers are aligned while the risk is transferred to the performance marketer. On the other, marketers must be careful to select industries and clients where lead generation and sales can be accurately and digitally measured. Ultimately, both the client and marketer have a stake in developing scalable and sustainable win-win scenarios.

How are leads generated?

Extract Value engages in online marketing using three interrelated methods: (1) search marketing, (2) e-mail campaigning, and (3) affiliate advertising. Search marketing is composed of contextual advertising on search engines and search engine optimization, which fulfills the objective to achieve higher rankings on keyword-specific searches. This is often the most customizable yet costly form of marketing. By contrast, e-mail campaigns are delivered to opt-in lists of relevant prospects but are more likened to a shotgun approach. Finally, affiliate marketing leverages our own and third-party publisher networks that promote our clients across industry-specific web portals, blogs, and other arenas.

How are leads priced?

Most often, market forces will determine lead pricing as a function of demand, supply, revenue and costs. Furthermore, Extract Value takes every measure to improve the quality and quantity of leads. Similarly, these two key elements are measured down to their very minutiae and priced accordingly.

What is the typical quality of Extract Value’s leads?

At Extract Value, we focus on quality over quantity. We produce leads that are generally warm (qualified) to scolding hot (pre-sold). This is because Extract Value engages in permission-based marketing where we ask prospects for their permission to market or sell to them. For this reason, the majority of our leads actively request information from our advertisers while some will even ask for a sales call.

How does Extract Value manage compliance?

While Extract Value is not licensed to manage compliance for securities, commodities, insurance, property or law, we produce materials in accordance with general regulatory guidelines. With our clients' permission, we can submit appropriate materials to regulatory bodies for review; however, Extract Value cannot and does not guarantee compliance with any regulatory body, including the NASD/SEC, NFA/CFTC, NAIC, or DRE.

How can Extract Value receive a "commission" in regulated industries?

Extract Value does not actually solicit leads; it merely executes advertising campaigns on behalf of regulated companies just as a typical marketing agency was. Thus, just like Google can receive a Cost per Click on delivering ads to relevant consumers, Extract Value can receive a Cost per Acquisition or Cost per Sale for the same ad production and delivery services. Extract Value is already pre-approved for its performance-marketing business model by the NFA and NAIC. Please contact us for more information.

Is Extract Value right for me?

Extract Value may be right for you if your sales department is fueled by leads—especially highly qualified leads—and it can leverage the web to discover and communicate with those prospects. Businesses in industries unaccustomed to online marketing are actually prime for our business model because we can leverage their competitive edge and lack of competition on the web.

Am I right for Extract Value?

We invest in your company as much as you invest in ours. While our goal is to build win-win relationships into a network of advertisers, publishers, and marketers, we are also value-seekers ourselves. For this reason, we search for companies with truly Unique Value Propositions (UVPs) where leads and/or sales can be digitally and accurate quantified.

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