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my name is jenni.

although my degree is in economics from ucla, i've been doing web stuffs since i started high school (i am 23 now). i do it because i like it. oh, same with my lack of capitalization (but if you need me to type capitals sometimes, you can be assured that i am capable of doing that).

my forte is in getting sh*t done. if there's something that needs to be done, designed or coded, i'll work with you to come up with a solution. at least referrals or something. either way, it's not a bad idea to keep me in mind. trust me.

now let's get a little more personal. i play video games, skateboard in the summer, and have a dog and a fat cat. i also hope to become well-versed in absinthes. my hair is damaged from all the color-treatments, but i hide it well. people say i'm blunt. i like to climb things. i play hard, but i work hard too.

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