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Bachrach and Associates - just did the implementation through Extract Value. I was told that they wanted this effect and they showed me an example in flash, and wanted it in html. so i basically built the site.

Extract Value - didn't do the design, but did the implementation of making the panels move, the dynamic scrollbar, the fading links, the slideshow thingie. basically, i got the psd and i made it happen.

Ivan Mendoza - designed a simple flash site for an artist friend. the portfolio section just has standins for pictures cuz he didn't give me assets yet. - designing a simple site for a friend whose main purpose is to have an easily updatable photogallery. the galleries you see there are semi-dynamic and takes only about 3 minutes to put up for each batch of photos because of automatic serverside photoprocessing with php. oh, and i did the design of it too.

Audrey Magazine - the basic illustration and logo (the fontface) was done before i worked on this project. i had to change colors and layouts and actually code the page. for the second link, the emailer, i had to change the colors even more to make it look more unisex.

World Poker Tour - these are designs that i did for their current site, with a few adjustments, it is on their site now. i also did the overall CSS structure and graphics-into-html for a lot of their current site. i designed the layout of the interface in the hand simulator also.

NGTV's affiliates page mockup - looks kinda simple at first, for me to make the design (which i did half of) work, i had to implement a lot of CSS and some light javascripting to make PNGs work in this case.

Click2Asia's login page - i designed this and html-ed it so that it fits right. i did a lot of other work for them too, but i dunno where they are at the moment.

website for class - i designed this in photoshop for my friend's class where he needs a website to put info on. - my friend needed me to code the splash page for his site. notice the "stretchiness" when you resize your broswer. i also optimized the graphic file sizes.

photonote - this is me just playing around with CSS in hopes of getting Flikr-ish results with simple coding and NO JAVASCRIPT.

spiral foundation - my friend hired me to do the CSS coding for this site.


Mateo Messina - the look/feel of site is from old site, but renewed design of features like the navigation/radio/gallery. i also rebuilt this site from ground up, to make it a flash/html hybrid site with xml so that Mateo could easily make updates.

scenery - the scrolling mechanism was actually created by an actionscript class. each additional element takes only one additional line to add to the movie. it was also a test to see if i can call javascript from within the swf. the "java alert" button makes a call to the html page.

eye in the wall - creepy peepers, i guess the hard part of it was the photoshopping, check the photoshopping section for the eye.

my pet cow - parallax movement is great. even better with a grazing robot.

fleshrocket (not for the easily offended!) - even though i did not write the game itself, i did make a lot of changes. including the cum-projectile duration and length and quantity, the explosions of the televisions as you shoot them, and the final vector-vagina boss.

balls - just pretty balls.

cityscape - dynamic generation of location and zoom distance/speed based on where the little dots are placed.

drawing API - just a thing you can draw on.

re-creation of an eye - from the flash file above. basically i was given this flat image of an eye within some wallpaper and i had to recreate it so that i can move it around in flash.

tv pile - i had to find pictures of real tvs, and then pepper them into an existing 3d render in photoshop and make it look good.

podcast mayhem - they wanted an "urban" look for their podcasting site.

monster - my cute monster.

spermies - classic valentine's day pickup line, jennistyle.

portrait - tracing a cam picture of me in with the awesome pentool in photoshop.

retouching - getting my sis's picture all retouched and stuff.